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Your PAMCAH-UA Local 675 Pension Fund’s Board of Trustees is deeply
committed to helping members build financial security for retirement. The pension plan faces a few critical challenges, and the Trustees continue to take action to make the plan more secure for years to come.

2020 Updates: Pension Plan Changes Due to Covid-19

Watch the video — September 2020

View the informational mailer — September 2020

2020 Updates
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2019 Updates: Pension Plan Challenges and Changes

2019 Video Series

How Your Pension Plan Works
Pension Plan Challenges
Pension Plan Changes
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Change Info Presentation


Review this presentation to learn all about our plan's challenges and the actions we're taking to address them. Be sure to check out the “presenter’s notes” if you’re viewing on a computer.

Info Mailers — sent to your home address in 2019

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Contact the Fund Administrative Office


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